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Roll Back Malaria Toolbox

27 Apr 2009

Paul Chinnock

Source: RBM Toolkit (see original article)


The Roll Back Malaria Partnership has launched a Toolbox website for malaria control

This new resource provides a critical arsenal of tools and methods to assist countries in their fight against malaria.

The RBM Toolbox contains a wide range of proven tools and methods to plan, manage, implement, and track the progress of malaria control scale-up. They can be adapted and applied to strengthen the capacity of malaria-endemic countries to rapidly scale up and sustain malaria control activities.

The Toolbox provides opportunities for shared learning by:

  • Promoting the use of tools to improve field results.
  • Promoting best or promising practices and evidence-based decision-making.
  • Facilitating tools sharing with partners and countries.
  • Limiting duplication of efforts.
  • Providing a mechanism for obtaining partner feedback to improve tools and website.
  • Helping identify additional tools needed to support country efforts.

The tools are organized into seven categories:

  1. Policies and Strategies.
  2. Assessing and Planning.
  3. Resourcing and Mobilization.
  4. Implementation of Interventions.
  5. Implementation Systems.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation.
  7. Advocacy and Communication.

Some of the tools have been developed by individual RBM partner organizations; others have been developed by multipartner collaborations. All tools have been tested in malaria-endemic countries.


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