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Dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever have emerged as a major public health problem. The primary vector mosquito has spread throughout the tropics and into susceptible human populations in urban areas. The urbanization process, which has left many without adequate water, sewer systems or waste management, and created new breeding grounds for the vector, has hastened the spread of the disease. Vector control has not halted the explosion in transmission of the disease.

Review Articles

28 Mar 2011

Dengue: where is it found and what is the impact of climate change?

The geographic distribution of this disease seems to have contracted in the past one hundred years. However, computer models suggest that during the present century the climate will become more suitable for dengue and that it will pose a threat in more areas.
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10 Jan 2011

Dengue: neglected no more?

The race is on to develop the first dengue vaccine, and the front-runner is now in phase III trials. But other efforts to control the world’s most important arthropod-borne viral disease lag behind for lack of R&D.

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6 Jun 2011

Google launches ‘Dengue Trends’

By tapping its online dataset, Google’s new tool could transform surveillance of the neglected disease

18 May 2011

New dengue vaccine to launch in 2014

Sanofi-Pasteur says its lead candidate may be ready for priority countries in less than three years
Source: Reuters

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Editorial Opinions

24 Feb 2011

Funding research into the infectious diseases of poverty: what happens now?

The latest G-FINDER report says that funding for basic scientific research has increased but finances available for product development have fallen. How can funders determine where the greatest needs lie and work more closely together?

9 Dec 2009

Where is health on the climate change agenda?

As the climate change conference kicks off in Copenhagen this week, is global health just a side issue?

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Research Articles

20 May 2010

New drugs still lacking for the infectious diseases of poverty

So far in the 21st century (and with the exception of malaria and AIDS), only four new products have become available for treating or preventing infections in poor communities.
Source: PLoS ONE
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1 Mar 2010

In brief

Some recently published studies on the infectious diseases of poverty.
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11 Feb 2011

Dengue research network meets in Cancun

Report of the Second Meeting of the Pan-American Dengue Research Network held in Cancun, Mexico in November.

18 Dec 2009

Neglected disease research & development: new times, new trends

The global budget for research into the infectious diseases of poverty is little changed and AIDS continues to receive a disproportionately large share of the total. But India and Brazil are emerging as key players, particular for the more neglected diseases.
Source: George Institute
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