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Chagas disease is found only in Latin America. It is named after Carlos Chagas, a Brazilian doctor who first described the disease in 1909. He also described the life-cycle of the parasite, identified the insects that transmit the parasite, identified small mammals that act as reservoir hosts, and suggested means to help prevent its transmission.

Review Articles

6 Dec 2010

Neglect of the social context

The neglected tropical diseases are attracting more research funding but the focus is still on simple biomedical interventions, ignoring the social context in which these diseases occur.
Source: Health Research Policy and Systems
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12 Jul 2010

The challenges of Chagas disease

Over 100 years after its discovery, this infectious disease of poverty afflicts millions but still receives little attention.
Source: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
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16 Nov 2010

Confronting neglected protozoan diseases: understanding the challenges, developing the solutions

Scientists interested in research on neglected protozoan diseases were recently given an opportunity to hear presentations from leaders in the field, and to consider the emerging findings and progress of eight major research projects.

30 Sep 2010

RSTMH broadens its horizons

A report on the biennial meeting of the UK’s Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

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Editorial Opinions

24 Feb 2011

Funding research into the infectious diseases of poverty: what happens now?

The latest G-FINDER report says that funding for basic scientific research has increased but finances available for product development have fallen. How can funders determine where the greatest needs lie and work more closely together?

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Research Articles

20 May 2010

New drugs still lacking for the infectious diseases of poverty

So far in the 21st century (and with the exception of malaria and AIDS), only four new products have become available for treating or preventing infections in poor communities.
Source: PLoS ONE
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14 Apr 2010

Leishmaniasis attracts increased attention from researchers looks at some recent research publications on a much-neglected infectious disease of poverty.

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18 Dec 2009

Neglected disease research & development: new times, new trends

The global budget for research into the infectious diseases of poverty is little changed and AIDS continues to receive a disproportionately large share of the total. But India and Brazil are emerging as key players, particular for the more neglected diseases.
Source: George Institute
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20 Jan 2009

The EU’s Nasty Bite: How the EU’s new pesticide regulations will harm the fight against malaria

Industry may no longer make insecticides needed for vector control.
Source: Campaign for Fighting Diseases
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