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16 May 2008

Quest for a malaria vaccine: ‘The elements are in place’

The director of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative is optimistic but says there is still a long way to go.
Source: TropIKA

16 Apr 2008

Immunity to Distinct Sand Fly Salivary Proteins Primes the Anti-Leishmania Immune Response towards Protection or Exacerbation of Disease

When a sand fly transmits leishmania parasites it also injects biologically active salivary. It is a possibility that a vaccine that acted against the saliva might protect against leishamaniasis. In this study researchers found that one salivary protein protected while another exacerbated Leishmaniasis major infection, suggesting that the type of immune response induced by specific salivary proteins can prime and direct anti-leishmania immunity
Source: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
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19 Mar 2008

High Genetic Stability of Dengue Virus Propagated in MRC-5 Cells as Compared to the Virus Propagated in Vero Cells

New findings may aid in the development of system for large-scale production of a dengue vaccine.
Source: PLoS ONE
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2 Jan 2008

Towards a Vaccine against Plasmodium vivax Malaria

There is little doubt that effective interventions against Plasmodium vivax are needed. An estimated 2.6 billion people live in areas endemic for P. vivax, and P. vivax carries a substantial burden of disease with 50–70 million clinical episodes each year.
Source: PLoS Medicine
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31 Oct 2007

Leprosy - New Opportunities In Basic Science

The decade between initiation of the Mycobacterium leprae genome project and its final publication witnessed a progressive decline in interest in leprosy research.
Source: WHO/TDR
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19 Oct 2007

Antimalaria vaccine candidate rolls towards success

A trial of an antimalaria vaccine in Mozambique has found that it can be safely used in infants and shows promise in protecting them against infection.

19 Sep 2007

Gates foundation gives US$280 million to fight TB

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new package of funding yesterday (18 September) to accelerate and build on existing technologies to combat tuberculosis (TB).

30 Jul 2007

African researchers test new TB vaccine

Clinical trials of a new tuberculosis vaccine have begun in the Gambia and South Africa, announced UK funding body the Wellcome Trust last week (28 July).

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