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7 Jul 2009

A New Voice for the Poor

The two infections interact biologically, and in terms of their combined impact on health systems. It is not therefore appropriate to address them through separate, “vertical” control programmes.
Source: BMJ
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28 Mar 2008

Building a pipeline for the drugs of the future

In a TropIKA interview, Dr Bernard Pecoul, Executive Director of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative looks forward to what can be achieved using the DNDI model.
Source: TropIKA

6 Mar 2008

‘The bandwagon has started to run’: lymphatic filariasis and other neglected diseases are finally attracting attention

Tatum Anderson interviews David Molyneux, focusing on his work as Director of the Lymphatic Filariasis Support Centre and its role within the Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis. Professor Molyneux calls for a complete change in the focus of public health funding.
Source: TropIKA

27 Feb 2008

New survey finds highest rates of drug-resistant TB to date

A major survey conducted over four years has revealed that more than half of the 81 countries included now have cases of XDR-TB, the virtually untreatable form of tuberculosis.
Source: WHO

29 Jan 2008

New Global Forum leader seeks to turn strategy into action

TropIKA’s Tatum Anderson interviews Dr Gill Samuels who took over the position of Chair of the Foundation Council of the Global Forum for Health Research in November 2007.
Source: TropIKA

21 Jan 2008

Advances And Challenges In Predicting The Impact Of Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Programmes

Lymphatic filariasis is a mosquito-borne parasitic disease and an important cause of chronic morbidity in tropical countries.
Source: WHO/TDR
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31 Oct 2007

Leprosy - New Opportunities In Basic Science

The decade between initiation of the Mycobacterium leprae genome project and its final publication witnessed a progressive decline in interest in leprosy research.
Source: WHO/TDR
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31 Oct 2007

New web portal connects tropical disease research

A web portal to help people identify and use vital information related to infectious diseases was launched yesterday (30 October) at Forum 11, the annual meeting of the Global Forum for Health Research.

7 Jun 2007

UK to streamline health aid strategy

The United Kingdom signalled a shift in its aid ideology with the launch of the Department for International Development's new health strategy, launched this week (5 June) in London.

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