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11 Feb 2011

Dengue research network meets in Cancun

Report of the Second Meeting of the Pan-American Dengue Research Network held in Cancun, Mexico in November.

2 Feb 2011

UK unveils its malaria plans and the evidence on which they are based

A synthesis of the evidence by the Department for International Development concludes that we know what works, but the evidence on how best to deliver effective interventions is weaker, often conflicting and context specific.
Source: Department for International Development (UK)
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17 Jan 2011

Stopping the spread of drug-resistant malaria: new global plan spells out what must be done

The appearance of resistance to the key antimalarial artemisinin is one of the greatest concerns facing global health. A call for action from WHO and the Roll BackMalaria partnership now provides a five-point action plan.
Source: World Health Organization (WHO) and Roll Back Malaria partnership (RBM)
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21 Jul 2010

Innovating for the Health of All

The report of last year’s meeting for Global Forum for Health Research has now been published.
Source: Global Forum for Health Research
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7 Jul 2010

Millennium Development Goals Report 2010

While efforts to control infectious diseases have made progress, much more needs to be done. A “refocus” on pneumonia and diarrhoea is urgently required.
Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
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29 Jun 2010

Drug resistance: a call to action

A report from the Center for Global Development highlights the urgent action that is needed to confront resistant strains of the organisms that cause the infectious diseases of poverty.
Source: Center for Global Development
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13 Jan 2010

Funding for TB research increases worldwide

But what is now being spent is barely one quarter of what tuberculosis specialists say is needed.
Source: Treatment Action Group (TAG); Stop TB Partnership
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21 Dec 2009

Gains against malaria large but fragile, says new report

The World Malaria Report 2009 paints a largely upbeat picture.
Source: World Health Organization
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18 Dec 2009

Neglected disease research & development: new times, new trends

The global budget for research into the infectious diseases of poverty is little changed and AIDS continues to receive a disproportionately large share of the total. But India and Brazil are emerging as key players, particular for the more neglected diseases.
Source: George Institute
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17 Dec 2009

Dengue: guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control

New dengue guidelines are published at a time of rising concern over the spread of this disease.
Source: Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR); World Health Organization (WHO)
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