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18 Mar 2008

Costs and effects of the Tanzanian national voucher scheme for insecticide-treated nets

An evaluation of a national voucher scheme has concluded that it is a cost-effective strategy for delivering subsidized insecticide-treated nets for the prevention of malaria in targeted vulnerable groups.
Source: Malaria Journal
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27 Feb 2008

New survey finds highest rates of drug-resistant TB to date

A major survey conducted over four years has revealed that more than half of the 81 countries included now have cases of XDR-TB, the virtually untreatable form of tuberculosis.
Source: WHO

21 Jan 2008

Tuberculosis And Hiv: Operational Challenges Facing Collaboration And Integration

Tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease have been closely entwined since the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Source: WHO/TDR
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15 Nov 2007

Paid malaria workers 'save more lives'

Researchers have found that giving small financial incentives to health workers in developing countries could reduce the malaria death toll.

21 Aug 2007

Blanket bednet coverage best, say researchers

Children sleeping under insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) are less likely to die from malaria and nets should be distributed free to all who need them, according to research from Kenya.

1 Sep 2006

Partnerships for Malaria Control: Engaging the Formal and Informal Private Sectors

Partnerships for Malaria Control: Engaging the Formal and Informal Private Sectors, ISBN 92 4 156334 6, TDR/GEN//06.1
Source: WHO/TDR

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