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8 Jul 2008

The Right to Health

A factsheet aims to shed light on the right to health in international human rights law.
Source: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR); World Health Organization (WHO)

3 Mar 2008

Kenya ‘continues to use old malaria drugs’

A study finds Kenyan health workers are still prescribing non-recommended antimalarials that cause drug resistance.

26 Feb 2008

PAHO Director’s pledge on neglected tropical diseases

Dr Mirta Roses says some diseases could be eliminated by 2015.
Source: PAHO

13 Feb 2008

Commercialization and Globalization of Health Care

The increasing commercialization of health care as a result of globalization is discussed in a new policy brief from the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD).
Source: UNRISD

13 Feb 2008

Brazil well-placed to tackle neglected diseases

Improved control of neglected tropical diseases in Brazil would be a highly cost-effective health measure and a cost-effective anti-poverty measure, according to an article in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.
Source: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

5 Feb 2008

Malaria vaccine enters second stage

Exciting results reported from a small clinical trial of a malaria vaccine in Mali.
Source: Source: SciDev.Net

29 Jan 2008

New Global Forum leader seeks to turn strategy into action

TropIKA’s Tatum Anderson interviews Dr Gill Samuels who took over the position of Chair of the Foundation Council of the Global Forum for Health Research in November 2007.
Source: TropIKA

22 Jan 2008

Measuring Schistosomiasis Morbidity

The World Health Assembly recognition of the public health problems caused by schistosome infections promotes efforts towards schistosomiasis morbidity control.
Source: WHO/TDR
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21 Jan 2008

Impact Of Mass Drug Administration On Aedes-Transmitted Filariasis In The Pacific

Vector control was the primary tool for controlling filariasis in the Pacific when effective antifilarial drugs were unknown and, even after effective antifilarials became available, was preferred because mass drug administration (MDA) campaigns were considered too labour intensive [3].
Source: WHO/TDR
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21 Jan 2008

Impact Of Mass Drug Administration On Anopheles-Transmitted Filariasis In Africa: Emerging Data From Ghana And Mali

Recent evidence suggests that anopheline transmitted lymphatic filariasis can be eliminated worldwide because of the phenomenon of facilitation.
Source: WHO/TDR
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