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30 Apr 2008

Biomarkers for Clinical and Incipient Tuberculosis: Performance in a TB-Endemic Country

A study in India has identified biomarkers which could be the basis of such a test and would be suitable for both HIV-infected and non-HIV-infected TB patients.
Source: PLoS ONE
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9 Apr 2008

The Effect of Diagnostic Delays on the Drop-Out Rate and the Total Delay to Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Delays in tuberculosis diagnosis are critical as infected individuals remain untreated in the community, providing more opportunities for transmission of the disease. An analysis of the factors responsible for such delays reinforces the urgent need for novel diagnostic methods, both for smear positive and negative TB, that are highly sensitive, accessible and point of care, in order to reduce delays.
Source: PLoS ONE
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27 Mar 2008

Congenital Chagas’ disease: diagnostic and clinical aspects in an area without vectorial transmission, Bermejo, Bolivia

A study shows that congenital transmission of Chagas’ disease can occur even in countries where the disease vector is absent.
Source: Acta Tropica
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26 Mar 2008

Rabies Diagnosis for Developing Countries

Canine rabies is a neglected disease causing 55,000 human deaths worldwide per year. The gold standard test for rabies diagnosis requires a fluorescent microscope, which is available in very few centres in developing countries. An evaluation of a new test, conducted in Chad has produced encouraging results.
Source: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
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21 Jan 2008

Diagnostic Tools For Filariasis Elimination Programmes

In the not so distant past, diagnostic tools for filariasis were limited to clinical diagnosis (insensitive for active infections, low specificity), detection of microfilariae (mf) (insensitive for infection, impractical in many areas), and detection of antibodies to crude native antigen preparations (poor specificity).
Source: WHO/TDR
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18 Jan 2008

Plasmodium knowlesi may be common cause of malaria in Malaysia

A potentially fatal species of malaria is being commonly misdiagnosed as a more benign form of the disease, thus putting lives at risk, according to new research in Malaysia.
Source: Wellcome Trust

4 Jan 2008

McGill researchers report breakthrough in rapid malaria detection

The proposed new technique relies on a known optical effect called third harmonic generation (THG), which causes hemozoin - a crystalline substance secreted by the parasite - to glow blue when irradiated by an infrared laser.
Source: McGill University

2 Jan 2008

Targeted Chagas screening could aid early detection

A study carried out in Peru by Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health concluded that data easily collected during insecticide spraying campaigns could be used to identify children at greatest risk of infection with T. cruzi.

3 Dec 2007

Strategies For Improved Diagnostics For Malaria, Including Rapid Diagnosis

Early, prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment is crucial to the management of morbidity and mortality caused by malaria and is one of the main interventions used in the global control of malaria.
Source: WHO/TDR
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7 Nov 2007

New test helps tackle India's chikungunya outbreaks

An outbreak of chikungunya virus in the southern Indian state of Kerala has prompted researchers to develop a new diagnostic test to distinguish chikungunya from dengue viruses.

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