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2 Jun 2008

Community-directed interventions for major health problems in Africa

Lessons learned from community-directed treatment for onchocerciasis could have implications for other disease control programmes.
Source: The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
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2 May 2008

Associations between Active Trachoma and Community Intervention with Antibiotics, Facial Cleanliness, and Environmental Improvement (A,F,E)

A study in the southern Sudan found the prevalence of active trachoma was less in children who had received antibiotic treatment, had clean faces, had faces washed more frequently, and used latrines.
Source: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
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24 Apr 2008

Two Doses of Azithromycin to Eliminate Trachoma in a Tanzanian Community

A report from Tanzania shows this major cause of blindness can be defeated.
Source: New England Journal of Medicine
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6 Mar 2008

‘The bandwagon has started to run’: lymphatic filariasis and other neglected diseases are finally attracting attention

Tatum Anderson interviews David Molyneux, focusing on his work as Director of the Lymphatic Filariasis Support Centre and its role within the Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis. Professor Molyneux calls for a complete change in the focus of public health funding.
Source: TropIKA

26 Feb 2008

Lymphatic filariasis: integrated approach brings new hope

The Indian Institute of Applied Dermatology reports that it can relieve up to 80 percent of the chronic manifestations of lymphatic filariasis.
Source: Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD)

5 Feb 2008

Typhoid fever in the developing world: a neglected disease?

Typhoid may be regarded as a neglected disease. There is considerable evidence to support this view.
Source: TropIKA

5 Feb 2008

Malaria vaccine enters second stage

Exciting results reported from a small clinical trial of a malaria vaccine in Mali.
Source: Source: SciDev.Net

3 Dec 2007

Effective Management Of Childhood Malaria At The Community Level: Programme Experience To Guide The Research Agenda

Approximately 1 million young children in Africa die from malaria every year.
Source: WHO/TDR
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30 Nov 2007

Achieving Behaviour Change For Dengue Control: Methods, Scaling-Up, And Sustainability

With the global resurgence of dengue and its more severe form, dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), the disease has re-emerged as a major threat to public health.
Source: WHO/TDR
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18 Sep 2007

Antimalarials 'give children an edge' at school

Preventative malaria treatment could improve schoolchildren's performance in endemic areas, a study suggests.

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