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30 Jan 2009

To action from vision: realizing the potential for development in an Obama administration

The campaign group 'ONE' proposes how the US should go about increasing its support for global health. Building effective systems for health care delivery and improved training for health workers are amongst the priorities.
Source: ONE


26 Nov 2008

The Sting of Climate Change: Malaria and Dengue Fever in Maritime Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands

Mosquito-borne diseases will spread to new areas and worsen in places where they are already present.
Source: Lowy Institute for International Policy; Daily Telegraph


16 Oct 2008

Bridging the gap: The role of monitoring and evaluation in evidence-based policy making

A new publication makes the case for the evidence-based approach in policy making and describes its use.
Source: UNICEF, the World Bank and the International Development Evaluation Association


8 Jul 2008

The Right to Health

A factsheet aims to shed light on the right to health in international human rights law.


30 Jun 2008

Policy briefs as a communication tool for development research

An ODI document seeks to highlight the barriers to (and opportunities for) strengthening communication between researchers, knowledge brokers and policy-makers.
Source: World Bank


17 Mar 2008

Reaching the Poor Policy Brief Series

A series of policy briefs aims to share examples of health programmes and projects that have successfully made health sector spending more progressive.
Source: World Bank


3 Mar 2008

African researchers look at how research is translated into policy.

Studies of malaria control and pre-eclampsia/eclampsia treatment, in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, provide insights into research uptake.
Source: Medical Research Council, South Africa


13 Feb 2008

Commercialization and Globalization of Health Care

The increasing commercialization of health care as a result of globalization is discussed in a new policy brief from the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD).
Source: UNRISD


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