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Dengue Infographic

Dengue, a viral disease spread by mosquito, is a potentially lethal disease. Early diagnosis and treatment is vital. TropIKA's latest infographic takes us on a visual journey to demonstrate the complex manner in which the disease is transmitted and develops.

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Editorial: The medical, public health and economic consequences of bad diagnostics

TB serodiagnostics as a case study

News: WHO bans serological tests for active TB

Blood tests for TB are ‘bad practice,’ says the agency

News: LF elimination is possible in the poorest of countries

Togo, sub-Saharan Africa’s first to stop MDAs for the mosquito-borne disease, has achieved an important feat with few resources.

Research Article: Ivermectin—now an anti-malarial, too

New research says the cheap, commonly-used endectocide could dramatically reduce transmission

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26 May 2011

New website shows distribution of blinding trachoma

31 Mar 2011

Partnership deal will support development of potential new antimalarial

31 Mar 2011

Death of research pioneer

31 Mar 2011

Vietnam’s plan to eradicate malaria

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10 March 2011

A long list

Many of the infectious diseases of poverty have featured in recent articles on
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Malaria - Killer of children

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Malaria is one of the biggest killers of young children in Africa, where the number of doctors and health care centres are few. An innovative programme in Nigeria trains community volunteers to recognise the symptoms and provide needed medications. This collaborative project with the government and TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Disease is making strong progress.

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World Malaria day — A Day to Act

TDR supports World Malaria Day - research on the rational use of drugs


25 April is a day to commemorate global efforts to control malaria. TDR is supporting research to help get the right treatments to the right people - what is technically called the rational use of drugs.
In this enews, we highlight 3 TDR research areas and a personal story about one more unnecessary child's death and what one volunteer did to help

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